Light for Life


INGERI ARTS was founded by Drama artists in 2013 to enhance and promote artistic education, participate in the development, enhance cultural values and contribute to the well-being of the community, designed for arts to arts inspirations as well as arts for education, development and social well-being; through performing arts.


It has been found out that performing arts is a tool for both transmitting the society’s culture to generations and liberating people from their oppression and bitter backgrounds. It takes people from darkness to light. Thence, Ingeri Arts uses performing arts in the community to create awareness and self-expression, encourage positive thinking, listening to oneself and others towards a brighter future.

  • Gender balance sensitization for the family development
  • To promote education for Rwandan cultural values
  • To promote artistic education
  • Youth development and jobs creation
  • To promote artistic education in schools and in the community.
  • To promote children rights
  • To fight against HIV/AIDS and other epidemics
  • To promote the culture of peace.
  • To fight against corruption and its tentative ways.
  • Sustainability of Rwandan culture
  • Fighting against poverty
  • Reinforce and promote unity and reconciliation
  • Human rights sensitization
  • Nurturing creative language and reading skills by encouraging children and young people to find in performing arts a source of pleasure and a means of self-expression, developing their awareness of language and confidence in using it.
  • Fight against drug abuse and juvenile delinquency in youth and children

We do performing arts to:

  • Facilitate personal growth
  • Explore and transcend unhealthy personal patterns of behavior and interpersonal interaction.
  • Promote mental health (hospitals, schools, mental health centers, prisons, businesses, rehabilitation centers).

Core values and Beliefs

  1. Mutual respect
  2. Commitment
  3. Divine principles prioritization


  • We believe that every community deserves meaningful cultural and artistic experiences.
  • We engage and inspire our community through artistic excellence and quality learning experiences.
  • We believe that creativity is essential in people’s lives and everyone has the capacity for creative expression.
  • We cultivate an organizational culture in which all staff and volunteers are appreciated, valued and recognized.
  • We provide gathering opportunities for the community where the exchange of ideas and creative experiences inspire curiosity and understanding.
  • We believe that informed and engaged individuals are agents of change.