Our thematic areas:


1. Artistic Education

We provide multiple opportunities for schools to view each other’s dramatic works. Our aims are to sharpen and develop student’s skills in oral language and all expressive mechanisms, developing the intellectual skills and we strongly encourage group-level cooperation, acculturation, school community relations and develop recreational outlets for the future. We thus provide a significant training ground for students and teachers in dramatic arts at school.

Our work strongly intends at promoting arts integration in an educational setting by encouraging performance based learning. Every after artistic education project, students present a full production of their original work in their school and stage it in other schools. Every year, From November to mid-January, schools apply for collaboration through this program.


This is a program through which Ingeri Arts uses participatory theatre and expressive dramatic approaches for participants to tell their own stories and solve their own problems with active non-violence (ANV) problem solving techniques to Promote positive behavioral changes, Improve interpersonal relationship skills, Integrate physical and emotional well-being, Achieve personal growth and self-awareness, Improve overall quality of life,… Areas of focus: hospitals, mental health centers, schools and rehabilitation centers, ...


Through this program, Ingeri Arts organizes learning sessions to provide different skills in performing arts to artists, arts teachers, prospective artists and others.; thus to improve self-confidence, learning life skills, commitment, passion, engagement, professionalism and love towards arts. All sessions are held throughout the year by a call for applications where interested and concerned people (youth/adults) submit their online applications. Except when Ingeri Arts organizes special learning sessions for children or people with special needs. Each call for application is published on the website with the entrance requirements to participants.

The objective of this program is to give participants an opportunity to enjoy, explore and discover their respective talents in regards to the needs of their communities and learn how those should help to improve people’s lives. Participants are given time to share their ideas and opinions while building their connections and taking measures. It also seeks to motivate and inspire performing artists who already are in the industry and this serves as a promotional hub for them as well as getting new experiences. Each of our modules tackles with topics that have been highlighted as critical in the healthy development of especially young people and children, such as the effects of street life, health issues (including HIV/AIDS, drugs and alcohol), violence, the environment, culture, illiteracy and children’s rights.

Whether interested and would like to request this program for your group, club or team, Click here to apply


This is a program whereby Ingeri Arts reaches its targeted populace (community) to empower communities listening to their concerns and encouraging them to voice and solve their own problem accordingly. We sensitize communities to government programs and share life experiences with them through community theatre, theatre for development and other various entertainments creating a good societal environment with effective social communication. Community outreach also emphasizes on the development procedures that may take the people out of poverty towards a sustainable well-being especially children and youth by doing what they like doing and creating different income generating activities to improve lives. Our focus is: arts and crafts, music and Theatre. This is a program through which we create societal profitable initiatives (SPIs) as a sustainable way to improve the well-being and development of the population through arts.

Ingeri Arts works in partnership/collaboration with other NGOs, government agencies, Companies, individuals, international organizations, to make this program’s goal reachable, sustainable and impactful.


This is an arts for arts program. This program covers performing in front of a no-specific audience like organizing live performances, tours, competitions…through all the mediums. Ingeri Arts may run a show on invite from other parties, self-exhibitions, festivals,…or it may be a showcasing new talents event organized through all the mediums ( Theatre, music, dance, poetry, lectures, arts and crafts, story-telling and debates).

Every year, Ingeri Arts organizes a multi-domains presentation where all arts practitioners, stakeholders, sponsors, initiators, companies, donors,… are invited. Amasaro yaka is a cultural dance troupe established through this program as well as Galaxy Theatre Troupe..