Kreativ is a project initiated and coordinated by Ingeri Arts through its Artistic education program aiming to improve/promote creativity and active learning as well as preparing prospective artists from arts classes. The project is run in collaboration with different schools that have arts options and has an objective of creating awareness of applied literature in schools, improving creativity and active speaking among students and opening an opportunity for schools to view and share each other’s artistic works.


It is an annual show organized by Ingeri Arts under Zeigen program which mainly aims at showcasing different artistic activities that have been undergoing within the organization. The show features all artists in all mediums that are affiliated with Ingeri Arts. The event has been put on to celebrate and showcase fantastic artistic works of the young people and encourage new artists. Beyond the show itself, we also engage in a variety of artistic educational support and trainings year round with local schools and independent artists in a program to help inspire the next generation of performing artists.

Ingeri Arts works hard to create artistic experience that will be inspirational, educational and have a positive impact on and in the community.


The project called “man in life” is a project initiated and coordinated by Ingeri Arts through its “Dramatherapy” program with the main objectives of Sensitizing the culture of listening to themselves and others’ stories and the culture of peace, Liberating people from the bitterness of their past and fostering unity and reconciliation, Creating a positive self-esteem and repairing the damaged souls… We believe that creativity is essential in people’s lives and everyone has the capacity for creative expression and arts as a great opportunity for the community where the exchange of ideas and creative experiences inspire curiosity and understanding. The project is comprised with different plays and other supporting artistic works that focus on our thematic themes.


a project aiming at teaching and sensitizing moral and cultural values, health and social wellbeing to children and youth through performing arts. It intends to empower and equip beneficiaries (children &youth) with essential creative thinking towards social change and to incite/motivate talents while discussing and showcasing the effects of Drama on cultural sensitivity, motivation, education, behavioral change, development, literacy and positive problem solving in a social context.